16 May, 2010

Oh Hay.

I'm still here.

This is what I have done/am doing/will be doing:

-Removed the poisons from my life. Have not been happier or more at peace since.

-Starting a new blog based on natural living and agriculture and pretty pretty things.
Sweet Peas and Honey Bees.

-Finishing my final project for Personal Expression. So far I am pleased with it. We had to make a book, so I am making an unbound book. It has a hand made cardboard envelope to hold the pictures, and I'm finishing it off with a sewn bag to keep it in. And I've hot glued a pressed leaf to the bag.

-I took pictures of Robert and his lovely fiancee, Simone for their engagement photos. =]

- I am moving to PA for the Fall and Winter. There are Mennonites down the road! This means I need to get my beach on as much as possible this summer.

- Need to finish a super cute present for my super cute friend that I can't mention here because I think she might read this but it'll be awesome..I hope.

-My heirloom tomatoes are starting to fruit, I have 40 plants total. The sweetpeas just had their first bloom yesterday, I've eaten almost all the peas off my sugar snap plants, harvested and ate baby potatoes, the blackberries are starting to set, beets and carrots almost all gone and my strawberries have kicked into high gear for some reason. Oh, and I have CORN.

Lots of photo related things to accomplish this summer. Especially water based nymph project stuff because I have forests I get to work with in Fall.