03 October, 2009

I'm very torn. Halloween is an important holiday for me because I like to dress up and be fancy. But for me it's go big or don't go at all. and...by big I just mean be legit...None of that glitter corset fairy bullshit for me.

So I have two ideas, but there are circumstances that are making this more complicated than it should be. Firstly, there is no way in hell I'm getting off of work..so I am 75 percent sure I'll be closing. Now..I have two ideas in mind.

Alice in Wonderland

- I need to find or make a dress. I want it to be right color, tea length and I need mary janes, white tights, a black headband and a white apron.

- Easy to change into if I have to close, little to no makeup required..well..no more than I usually use. Straight hair.
- I basically already look..like Alice. O_o
- My mom can help me sew it.
- Fabric would be cheaper than if I had to get fabric for Lovett.
- Easily recognizable, no one is going to wonder who I am and I wont have to explain.

- It's really hard to find the right color, type, shape and length of dress and if I end up making it, it needs to look good. My sewing skills are not..super good, I like to wing it.
- kind of a cop out.
- All the alice costumes for sale are shitty and polyester and whorish.

Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd

- Ever since I saw this movie, I've been in love with the idea of being her for Halloween. It's scary and fun and I get to have a rolling pin. Except..once again, I need to make the dress, find a corset, get boots and all the other accessories.

- It's fucking awesome.
- The dress I can fudge on, it's supposed to look beat up and crappy/covered in flour and the corset will help things look more tailored.
- I could have a not so great dress and keep working on it throughout the year and be her next year for halloween, but better.

- I don't have red/dark hair and that bothers me. I don't know how I feel about a wig..especially because I have a lot of hair to shove in there.
- a lot of prep, makeup wise. I couldn't do it at work after we close in any sort of quick manner.
- I don't have a Sweeney and she is not easily recognizable. People are just going to think I'm some sort of murderer crazy rollingpin woman.

WTF do I do?!

and..I was thinking about being Beyonce from the single ladies video but I am pretty sure no one would know wtf I was doing..seeing as I look..nothing like Beyonce, I would need two other girls, the only one shoulder, long sleeve leotards are special order for some reason. AND I NEED TO CONSTRUCT A ROBOTIC HAND. and I really don't feel like walking around a bunch of people with no pants.

Theres Penelope Pitstop too..which..I'd need helmet...a pink one.

And Marie Antoinette is still in the back of my mind, but if I'm gonna get that fancy, I want to actually go somewhere where everyone will see me and I can feel fancy.

Really I just shouldn't be so picky.


  1. I JUST got back from the LA Fashion District to buy fabric for my costume. I'm going to be the Queen of Hearts. My friend looks like Alice too, so she's doing that. I have other people as the white rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (who are actually twins)!

    LOL robotic hand

  2. effing sweet Robin. I wish people would do group costumes with me.

  3. if you need a black corset I can loan you mine. Mrs. Lovitt would be fairly easy. Just go to a thrift store and find a black nightgown you can cut up. Shouldn't be too difficult. I really like the beyonce idea though. Just the thought of you as beyonce is hilarious to me for some reason, but that is why I love you.